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About Us

About Us

Thai Ocean Venture


Thai Ocean Venture Company Limited is a company that imports,
produces and processes frozen seafood products – with tuna as the main objective.
Thai Ocean Venture Co., Ltd is amongst one of the few factories in Thailand operating as such and currently is the largest facility producing frozen tuna products for both domestic and international export.
The company was founded on August 9, 1997 by Mr. Yu Pao Chu and Mrs. Kanya Yu, with the initial registered cost of 9 million baht. The registered capital is 125 million baht, totaling 21 years.

VISION OF Thai Ocean Venture


Committed to be a leader and a center of frozen tuna processing – including other marine fish products including Swordfish, Marlin, Mahi Mahi and Super Frozen Products.

Continuous expansion in R&D into other fields to increase value and market of existing products – such as pet foods, seasoning foods, co-packing operation and so on.



  • Committed to producing the highest value and quality products for consumers
  • Expand the market to every Global landscape
  • Entering the tuna catch business as the first owners in Thailand